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Sat, 13 Apr



Dentistry 360

Joining forces with Karma Dentistry, we're thrilled to offer a groundbreaking educational experience! Discover the intricacies of veneer restoration on a 360° stage with a live patient - a first-of-its-kind learning format.

Dentistry 360
Dentistry 360


13 Apr 2024, 10:30 – 18:00

London, 92, 94 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN, UK


Embark on a transformative educational journey like no other! We have collaborated with Karma Dentistry to bring you an exclusive opportunity that intertwines the principles of being oversubscribed with a pioneering approach to dental education. This is not just a course; it's an experience meticulously designed to surpass expectations and provide unparalleled value.

**Seven Steps, Seven Masters:** Dive into the depths of veneer restoration through a meticulously structured program. Each of the seven critical steps - Ideal First Consultation, Photography, Smile Design, Multidisciplinary Integration, Isolation, Preparation, and Fitting of Veneers - is led by a distinguished expert in the field. This ensures a level of expertise and specialization that is rare and highly sought-after.

**Exclusivity and Demand:** We understand the value of exclusivity. This program is crafted for those who seek not just to learn but to excel. Limited seats mean you'll be part of an elite group, learning in an environment where every question is answered, every detail is clarified. This exclusivity creates a high demand, ensuring that only the most dedicated and passionate professionals join us.

**Unprecedented Access:** Gain insights, techniques, and knowledge that go beyond the ordinary. Each expert brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, offering not just lessons but mentorship. This isn't just about learning; it's about becoming part of a community that values cutting-edge skills and impeccable quality.

**Real-Time Experience:** The 360° stage with a live patient isn't just a learning tool; it's an innovation in education. This immersive experience allows you to observe, understand, and appreciate the nuances and complexities of each procedure in real-time, something that traditional learning environments cannot offer.

**Results-Driven Approach:** Every aspect of this program is designed with the end in mind - to enhance your skills and elevate your practice. From the selection of experts to the structuring of each module, our focus is on ensuring that you leave with knowledge and skills that have immediate, tangible benefits.

**Join the Elite**: This is your invitation to be part of something revolutionary. The opportunity to join this program is limited, and the demand is high. Secure your spot and be among the select few who will redefine their practice and set new standards in dental aesthetics.

This isn't just education; it's a career-defining moment. Are you ready to be part of the elite? Join us and transform your potential into unparalleled success.


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