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Sept 2023

(2nd edition) + SPRING PARTY

We celebrated the second edition of our Debate Series with a bang! Participants delved into "Litigation" and "A Career in Dentistry", guided by some of the industry's most inspirational figures: Monik Vasant, Victoria Sampson, Raj Rattan, Jade Kwaku, Vinay Raniga, Farzeela Rupani, Sarika Shah.

Studio 9294, London


Dentorama brings together the worlds of dentistry and theater in a captivating fusion. Through engaging plays and insightful panel discussions, Dentorama creates a unique space for interactive exploration, shedding light on the intricacies of dental practice while embracing the power of storytelling.

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The Royal Institution, Mayfair
21 October 2023

The Dental Debate 
+ Summer Party

Our first-ever event was the The Dental Debate, during which we discussed topics such as Social Media, Mental Health, and Sustainability. We were fortunate to have some incredible speakers, including Kyle Stanley, Rhona Eskander, and Simon Chard...

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