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Fri, 18 Oct


The Royal Institution


“The most original Dental event ever” is back! Dentorama brings together the worlds of dentistry and theatre in a captivating fusion.



18 Oct 2024, 18:00 – 23:00

The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle St, London W1S 4BS, UK


Dentorama is a vibrant and innovative event crafted especially for those in the dental field. Picture this: a night where the drama of a theater meets the insights of a professional seminar, all centered around the world of dentistry.

Concept and Format
  1. Theatrical Performances (10-15min each): At Dentorama, professional actors perform scripted plays that depict real-life scenarios commonly encountered in dental practices. These scenarios are carefully crafted to mirror the typical challenges faced in the dental industry, such as dealing with difficult patients, managing team dynamics, and handling complex treatments.
  2. Expert Panels: Following each performance, a panel of seasoned dental professionals and industry experts discuss the scenarios presented. They analyze the situations, offering insights and practical solutions to the problems depicted. This segment is designed to provide professional advice and strategies that attendees can apply in their own practices.
  3. Audience Interaction: What sets Dentorama apart is its interactive nature. The audience is encouraged to participate in the discussions, ask questions, and even share their own experiences and solutions. This interactive element ensures that attendees are not just passive observers but are actively engaged in the learning process.

Networking Opportunities: The event includes dedicated sessions for networking, allowing attendees to connect with peers, share ideas, and potentially forge new professional relationships. These sessions typically feature informal settings with drinks and nibbles, creating a relaxed atmosphere for conversation.

This is a unique event designed specifically for dental professionals looking to enhance their teamwork and tackle the interpersonal challenges that arise in a dental setting. Through a blend of live theatrical performances and expert-led discussions, attendees will see their daily workplace struggles acted out on stage, followed by panel discussions that offer practical advice and strategies.

Five Key Takeaways for Daily Practice:

  1. Effective Communication Skills: Learn how to communicate expectations clearly among team members to prevent misunderstandings and improve patient care.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Gain insight into resolving conflicts constructively, whether they arise between dentists and nurses, or receptionists and practice managers.
  3. Feedback Mechanisms: Discover how to give and receive feedback effectively, enhancing personal growth and team development.
  4. Team Cohesion Strategies: Understand the importance of role clarity and how to work cohesively in a multi-disciplinary team to ensure smooth operations and patient satisfaction.
  5. Handling Stress and Pressure: Pick up techniques for managing stress and maintaining professionalism during high-pressure situations, crucial for both patient outcomes and workplace wellbeing.

Why Attend DENTORAMA Teams?This event is not just an educational seminar; it's an interactive experience that allows dental professionals to engage directly with the content being presented. You’ll not only watch and listen but also participate, making it a dynamic learning environment. Whether you're a dentist, hygienist, therapist, nurse, or practice manager, you’ll find relevant, actionable insights that can transform your practice and improve your team dynamics.

Join us at DENTORAMA Teams to bridge the gap between theory and practice with real-life applications for everyday challenges in the dental field. Bring your whole team to maximize the benefits—after all, a well-coordinated team is the backbone of any successful dental practice. Book your spots now and prepare to transform the way you work!


  • 18:00 - Kick off the evening with reception drinks and nibbles while networking with fellow attendees.
  • 19:00 - Act I showcases the day-to-day dynamics within dental teams.
  • 20:00 - Enjoy a refreshing break with drinks and nibbles, perfect for a team huddle.
  • 20:15 - Act II continues, offering deeper insights and sparking more discussion.
  • 21:15 - Transition from the theatre to a vibrant post-event social, networking until 23:00.
  • 23:30 - Cap the night with an after-party at a yet-to-be-confirmed location.


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